Diné Art Leaders

Diné Art Leaders is a conversation series we are providing for our Diné Art Students. Our goal is inspire, encourage and guide our Diné Art Students with virtual conversations. 


University of New Mexico: Indigenous Design and Planning Institute ID+PI Provided a guide in creating DIY DOC videos to showcase & Highlight our students stories. 

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OCTOBER 13th, 2021

William Wilson

Will Wilson’s art projects center around the continuation and transformation of customary indigenous cultural practice.  He is a Diné photographer and trans-customary artist. Wilson studied photography, sculpture, and art history at the University of New Mexico (MFA, Photography, 2002) and Oberlin College.


William will be talking about the newly acquired SHIFT GRANT that will help the BFA Photography Students.  

Armond Antonio

November 17th, 2021 

Presenting a Young Diné Art Leader


My name is Armond Antonio I'm a Navajo (Diné) artist from Pueblo Pintado, New Mexico. The mediums I work with are acrylic paint, oil paint, pencil, ink, leather, and photography. My main focus is Traditional, Western, Contemporary art.

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NOVEMBER 17th, 2021

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Spring 2022

This Upcoming Spring Diné Leaders Conversations will be forth coming, 

Hope you all enjoyed this semesters conversations with our very own Diné Artist.